“Merry Xmas” Decal : Styling

With no power due to the electrical storm here last night, decided to shift focus to photographing our black Merry Xmas text decal. White text on black SnapDot, a perfect starting place for a stylish Christmas Day. Add decoration and colour to create a vignette on a wall close to the Christmas table. White on […]

Joyeux Noel Christmas Decal

2014 Christmas Decal Range |Art Deco Colours, Futura Font

Our new range of Christmas fabric decals are now available. We have kept it simple combining the Futura font with Art Deco colours (shown here) and patterns.  5 Art Deco colour ways are available in this range to work with the colours and interior in your home or retail space.  Our fabric decals are a lovely […]


Butt joins : just another Frameless Magnetic Wall Scrawl feature

Our Wall Scrawls have been specified by architects, Clarke Keller, in Canberra for ANU University.  9 Wall Scrawls all up, 3 pairs which will be butt joined and the remaining 3 installed as single units. The butt joins create an almost visually seamless profile except for the actual join but with straight edges and identical […]