Art Deco Christmas Palette

Art Deco is a favourite period / style. I love the colours, the restrained elegance and the geometric lines of this period. For Christmas we have mixed the colour and geometric form to produce a range of decals that will follow through to other products to complement retail and home styling. I think decals work […]


Client Photos | Fesi’s blackboard with black gloss grid

How cute are these photos of Fesi’s blackboard and her gorgeous little girl standing on a stool scribbling chalk messages. I received them last night with this lovely note from Fesi: Hi Allison Finally have a few pics for you I love using it! Thanks…Fesi. This blackboard has a monthly planner printed in black gloss for a […]

Mobile Whiteboard, Freestanding Whiteboard, Portable Whiteboard, Portable Clear Whiteboard, Mobile Clear Whiteboard

Mobile Wall Scrawl

Danielle from Morris Walker called with the idea of zany economists scrawling all over 2 large, clear, mobile whiteboards whilst chaotically swinging them around in the large foyer at the ANU (Australian National University) Open Day this weekend. The idea had been sparked by Julius Sumner Miller, the mad and entertaining tv physicist of the 60s – 80s who […]

Pinstriping, Lined Whiteboard, Planner, Grid

A lined memo / menu board for personalised entries

A rather spare Lined Memo / Menu Board inspired by retro black and white cinema signs and pin striping. Would look great in a black and white cafe or kitchen environment on a white, bold coloured or charcoal black wall. Work in with retro subway tiles. Available in 9 sizes, a mix of portrait, landscape […]